N°VI, BOUGIE - Dream Perfume
N°VI, BOUGIE - Dream Perfume


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N°VI, Scented candle

After a perfume, a candle is a way of experiencing a smell every day... enter a room, close your eyes and inhale slowly for pleasure. With this N°VI candle, like number 6 rue de Budapest, Marc-Antoine Barrois wanted to imbue his fashion house with memories of his childhood... Memories of a bourgeois house where the elegance of his grandfather reigned, of the smell of the precious leathers of your grandmother's briefcases or bags, the warm atmosphere of an afternoon in the living room, by the fire, with family, with here and there delicate scents escaping from the kitchen where a snack is being prepared.

To imbue the MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS fashion house, located at No. 6 rue de Budapest, with a scent of authenticity and refinement, perfumer Quentin Bisch immersed himself in the couturier's world. He thus worked around this same leathery, woody and spicy framework, bringing out the amber accord, smoothing out the smoky notes here and there to develop a scented candle which expresses his taste for beautiful materials. A candle where we find this generous complexity woven with leather, which warms with the heat of the balms. A signature where patchouli takes on the sensual trappings of amber to enhance the cozy charm of its boutique. A leathery, dense and enveloping atmosphere, rounded with the golden and sensual glow of cistus-labdanum. A comfortable, shimmering fragrance, twisted with spicy notes of cumin and saffron. A fruity hint, with a taste of peach and plum, illuminates this amber and woody score, where sandalwood marries patchouli.

The notes of this scented candle are, at the top: plum and cumin, at the heart: cistus essence, at the base: pyrogenic styrax, leather accord, sandalwood, patchouli and white musk.

We have chosen a mixed wax base for our candles (60% natural – 40% mineral) without palm oil or GMOs. This mixture allows you to benefit from the advantages of both waxes: vegetable wax is more expressive when cold in restoring the perfume but much less when hot and for mineral wax it is the opposite. This base also significantly reduces soot emissions. Finally, the cotton wicks have been sized for balanced burning of each candle.

The perfumes of Maison MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS are the result of the meeting of two young creators. One is a fashion designer, the other is a perfumer and it was childhood memories that brought them together. Those captivating scents of character; the leather of an elegant briefcase or an impeccable blotter; and woody and plant scents in reference to memories of warm homes as well as family walks in the forest. The artistic direction of the first and the olfactory talent of the second have made the magic of these beautiful fragrances.

The perfumes and candles are made in France.

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